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The Culture Change Starter Guide

“Why don’t people follow the rules?”

We’re often asked this question. The answer is: “It’s because of the organisational culture”.

Culture dictates the behaviours and attitudes deemed acceptable in any given organisation and leaders determine its culture.

Based on our daily conversations with health, safety and wellbeing professionals we’ve compiled this guide to answer your common questions and overcome hurdles to implementing culture change work.

This 10-page guide is written for health, safety and wellbeing professionals and provides everything you need to know as a first step on your culture change journey.

What is in the guide

A detailed definition of ‘culture’
Statistics backing the case for change
Factors contributing to a strong culture
When to implement culture change
The steps required for a successful culture change

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About Tribe Culture Change

In various guises, Tribe Culture Change has been helping companies improve behaviour and culture for the last 30 years. We have a unique approach that combines the science of culture change with the art of engaging audiences with creative, ‘outside the box’ solutions.

Because of the work Tribe does with clients, lives have been saved, incidents minimised and workplaces have become healthier and more productive.

Tribe Culture Change makes a difference on construction sites, telecommunications towers, power plants and oil rigs; in shops, airports and factories, cruise ships, railways and even submarines, all across the globe.

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